Virtual Interactive Platform Keeps First Responders Informed

OnStar has always been about staying connected, and that’s certainly the case in this time of physical distancing. Even without the ability to attend conferences and host face-to-face exhibits, OnStar can still help First Responders understand our many capabilities through the Public Safety Interactive Virtual Outreach Platform, found at

To guide visitors through OnStar’s range of services, the site presents as a modern office building. Once inside the “lobby,” visitors are greeted by a welcome video that highlights the platform’s interactive experiences.

Slip into the site’s Auditorium for short video presentations on the latest OnStar services, such as the OnStar Guardianapp. You’ll even get a downloadable handout — in the form of an informational PDF — outlining the subject at hand. There also are breakout presentations on subjects such as Stolen Vehicle Assistance and Automatic Crash Response (ACR).

In the Exhibit Hall, visitors can have a virtual experience at the OnStar exhibit to stay up to date and learn about the latest technologies available to assist First Responders. Finally, the site continues OnStar’s objective of keeping First Responders informed and aware by allowing them to download key handouts and reference guides, and to attend recorded training sessions and virtual conferences.

Although the development of the site was a response to the national pandemic and subsequent shutdown, the Public Safety Interactive Virtual Outreach Platform will continue to provide significant benefits for First Responders once things return to some sense of normalcy, according to Sherry LeVeque, Emergency Services Outreach Leader for OnStar.

“Often, agencies don’t have the budget or the staff to send their personnel to exhibits or conferences where OnStar may be making presentations,” LeVeque says. “This Virtual Platform keeps them informed on the latest that OnStar offers without having to leave their location.”