OnStar Process for Criminal Investigation Assistance Requests

OnStar has assisted law enforcement where compelled by legal process with cases of stolen vehicles, carjackings and missing persons — including individuals who may be suicidal, endangered, or struggling with dementia.

Whether a criminal investigation or data and audio requests, OnStar has strict guidelines in place to ensure that the privacy of our customers is a priority.

Law enforcement investigators seeking OnStar’s assistance in locating criminal suspects should first contact OnStar’s dedicated public safety phone number at 866-866-5006 to determine whether the vehicle has active OnStar service. If the vehicle does not have an active account, OnStar cannot assist with a court order because there is, unfortunately, no way to remotely connect to the vehicle that is not activated. If there is active service, OnStar will comply with lawful court orders showing probable cause following OnStar’s criminal investigation process.

Requests should include specific details, such as:

  • Date/time of relevant occurrence(s)
  • Description of the information you are seeking and the associated legal basis for the request
  • OnStar account information (full name on account, address, phone number, account number, VIN)

A detailed summary of OnStar’s Criminal Investigation process and requirements can be accessed on our public safety website at www.onstar.com/publicsafety.


We’re Here to Help

If you have any questions regarding OnStar’s involvement in criminal investigations or the guidelines we’ve outlined, call our dedicated public safety phone number at 866-866-5006 or email us at onstar.legal.requests@gm.com.




In accordance with terms, conditions, policies and applicable law, OnStar will individually review each request to assess the circumstances and the nature of the request before providing any Member information. Note: OnStar does not create or provide transcripts of audio recordings, and OnStar cannot guarantee that any audio recording was taken at the time of a call or that it can be retrieved, given OnStar’s limited retention of such audio recordings. OnStar may, upon written request, be able to preserve available information until you can obtain appropriate legal process. Consistent with 18 USC 2702 (b)(8), (c)(4), OnStar may act in good faith when OnStar believes that an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person requires disclosure without delay of communications relating to the emergency.