One Button, Many Benefits

Why Callers Use OnStar in an Emergency

A single button can prove to be crucial during an emergency.

That button, in this case, is the red Emergency button (SOS) found in OnStar-equipped vehicles. It connects callers with an Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisor who can assess their situation and engage the proper resources to assist them. It’s a synergy that can represent the difference between life and death.

Although many drivers may think to call 911 when facing an emergency, the OnStar SOS button can sometimes be a more efficient and safer alternative for a variety of reasons.

First, there is the simplicity of pushing one clearly marked object in the midst of a possibly chaotic situation, rather than trying to locate a cell phone and punching three numbers.

In addition, by utilizing OnStar, callers can enjoy hands-free access and not be distracted holding a phone while behind the wheel. This can also help avoid violating distracted driving laws and other safety hazards.

At times, callers may not even know their location, and another advantage that comes with pushing the red Emergency button is OnStar’s GPS location services, which can be more accurate than that of a 911 cellular call. That also means more precise information is passed on to the nearest Emergency Communications Center, ensuring first responders arrive to the correct location of the emergency as quickly as possible.

Finally, the Emergency-Certified OnStar Advisor who accepts the call has gone through extensive training with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch® (IAED) standards to deliver EMD instructions. In fact, OnStar itself is currently an IAED Accredited Center of Excellence, and our Emergency-Certified Advisors will stay on the line with the caller and provide critical assistance until first responders arrive.

OnStar is designed to keep our Members safer and more secure on the road. Our technology also is a great resource for assisting first responders, and OnStar stands ready to assist with Emergency-Certified Advisors and enhanced GPS location accuracy when the unexpected happens.

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