New eBook Highlights Vehicle Pursuit Policies and Technologies

High-speed vehicle pursuits can present real dangers for law enforcement and the general public alike. With that in mind, OnStar has several Stolen Vehicle Assistance technologies as part of its paid service offerings to its subscribing members — including Stolen Vehicle Slowdown and Remote Ignition Block — that are designed to mitigate the risks in such situations.

OnStar also has collaborated with Pursuit Response, an advisory group that works with industry leaders in law enforcement and vehicle safety to examine the hazards involved with such pursuits. This consortium does so by promoting the latest research, advocacy, education, technology and training resources to improve officer and community safety.

One of those newer resources comes in the form of an eBook that highlights nationwide efforts to address pursuit policies and outlines how training and location assistance technologies — such as those that OnStar provides — play a role in reducing potential hazards associated with pursuits while offering law enforcement agencies a variety of ideas for implementation.

The eBook details how several states and their municipalities have (or are looking into establishing) policies detailing how law enforcement should handle pursuits. In Georgia, for example, legislation has been introduced to make it illegal to initiate a pursuit unless officers think the suspect committed a serious crime such as a murder or kidnapping.

Click here to download the eBook and visit to learn more about Pursuit Response and its efforts.