Prepared to Assist: OnStar Earns Reaccreditation from IAED

OnStar®* Advisors are often the first to receive calls in the event of an emergency, requiring them to provide pointed instruction that can sometimes help save lives. With that being the case, these Advisors need to be highly trained personnel following defined protocols when they take those calls.

As such, OnStar is accredited by the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED) — recognition OnStar first received in 2013, making OnStar the first private services company to earn this distinction. OnStar has since been reaccredited by IAED in both 2016 and this past April.

“This reaccreditation verifies that OnStar services can help save lives,” says Ruby Hilton, EMD Business Performance and Emergency Quality lead for OnStar. “If people can’t get to 911 personnel, they can rest assured that we can provide the appropriate level of care in these very crucial situations.”

Recently, OnStar met IAED’s 20 points of reaccreditation, establishing through a self-assessment study document that:

• It had policies in place that followed the Medical Priority Dispatch System protocol to handle calls
• Its personnel stayed current on certification courses
• The organization was maintaining quality improvement processes

As part of the reaccreditation, OnStar submitted documentation that included topics for its Continuing Dispatch Education (CDE) program as well as EMD attendance records and a CDE schedule for the next six months. It also provided the IAED more than 20 copies of randomly selected, anonymized audio files representing calls that OnStar received in the month prior to submitting the reaccreditation application.

With this accreditation, Hilton believes OnStar and its Advisors have developed added confidence that will translate well when interacting with both customers and first responders.

“We know the right questions to ask and how to get the most relevant information to first responders, and that is in part because we have the proper training and protocols in place,” she says.



*See for details and limitations. Services vary by model. Service plan required.